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19-Feb-2019 12:07

Logo has greenlit “Finding Prince Charming,” a reality dating competition featuring a cast of all gay men. “Finding Prince Charming” will include a cast of 13 suitors.

All the men will live in the same house together, as they compete to win the heart of one of the “nation’s most eligible gay heartthrob.” The contestants will be eliminated one-by-one, and in the final episode, the heartthrob will choose his one ideal man to “commit to an exclusive relationship,” per Logo.

It’s a big pop-culture milestone when it comes to normalizing the gay experience. This is basically a version of that, and as such is wish fulfillment for some, and a lightning rod to others. Everyone’s tsk-tsk-ing them for fighting on the first night, calling them petty.

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In a more measured interview Thursday with , he clarified how he ended up as an escort and talked about how he felt violated by a sex tape he made with an ex being leaked. The way so many conversations should be getting started because of a show like this.Rather than saddle the show with the responsibility of being everything for everyone, I thought I’d just watch the show for what it is—some hotties looking for gay love—and have a little fun. But it’s the sheer lack of charisma that makes us weary. With him, we’re just not sure if we’re going to be able to stay awake for it. The cheeky thing about a gay bachelor is that everyone is of the same gender and sexual orientation, living in a house together with boundless booze. masc shaming battle that is a real and complicated issue in the gay community.As Funny or Die, enlisting George Takei and Jesse Tyler Ferguson, hilariously mocked all the way back in 2013, there’s the very real possibility that the contestants would start falling in love with—or at least start hooking up with—each other instead of the suitor. On the contrary, that should make the show all the more entertaining. In the episode’s most laughable segment, Lance Bass introduces a game called Tell Me About Your Hashtag Self, in which the men all have to describe themselves in a hashtag. Dealt with in a nuanced way, it could be interesting in the context of this show. Pressed by Lance Bass to name who looked best in a swimsuit, in other words begged to show a personality, the milquetoast man of our dreams refused to give an answer. *Swoon.*)The rest of the show was as laborious as Finding Prince Charming’s version of “the rose”: putting a black tie on each of the contestants invited back for another week.The current season of “The Bachelorette” stars a half-Persian Bachelorette, but viewers and critics have called out the network for never selecting an African-American star.

That franchise, along with many others in the genre, has never featured an all-gay cast or suitor.

The Problematic Police sounded their wee-oo, wee-oo think-piece alarms. The answer is it doesn’t matter, really, because Finding Prince Charming is so lifeless that it’s impossible to imagine any broad cultural aftershocks from its existence. “What I meant is that I’m mentally flexible,” he clarifies, blushing. Throughout all of this Robert is insufferably anxious about revealing that he’s been undercover.